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Web-Safari iPhone Apps

Safari is a key to iPhone application developers. Using Safari, Apple's Web browser it is now possible to create Web applications for the iPhone. Our professionals are very well versed on developing Web Safari Applications which are compatable to iPhone and also our professionals have a good knowledge of creating iPhone optimized web sites and applications.

iPhone Blogging Applications.
Through Blogging iPhone apps optimized for your Safari browser, you can create and edit posts, manage comments, and configure mobile settings to post photos directly from your iPhone's Safari browser. You can also post to your blog and social networks directly from your iPhone. We can create an app that will work with any blogging platforms and social networking site of your choice.

Safari Add-ons
We are also working on certain Addon plugins which will enhance iPhone's safari browser with ability to copy and paste content from a web page, searching for a word or text on a web page etc. Our focus is to create plugins to support desktop browsers, add bookmarks, translate text, dictionary and much more. You will be able to install all our Safari Addon plugins on your iPhone, once customised as per your requirements.

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Call us toll free: 888-276-4064