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A-1 Technology, Inc. is your source for professionally iPhone Application Development. We assign dedicated resources to work for you on your project or be a part of your development team or set up your own virtual office. We have a highly skilled team of iphone SDK programmers. You can Hire iPhone Programmer or Outsource iPhone SDK Programmer requirements to iPhone Software Programming. We have got a years of experience in developing mobile applications on different platforms.

Part time developer works 4 hours a day dedicatedly while full time developer works 8 hours dedicatedly for 5 days a week. We have a strong team of iPhone Application Developers team who can work on many multiple number of projects for full 8 hours on 5 days.

Based on your requirements, you can change not only the project priorities but also the task priorities within your project and the developer will work based on your required task priorities.When you hire a dedicated developer, you can assign any number of projects, any tasks, you can change, add, delete any feature as there is no scope of work to be determined upfront.

Basically the developer works dedicatedly for you or be a part of your team and works based on your assigned tasks so you have full control over project development and execution.

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Call us toll free: 888-276-4064