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Software Programming for iPhone

Quality Software Programming Solutions for iPhone by A-1 Technology Inc., an ISO certified company offers Feature Rich iPad and iPhone Application Development services. Our vision is to cater the up surging demands of application development for iPhone using GPS Enabled Apps, Games Development for iPhone, Web-Safari iPhone Apps, Social Networking Apps, Accelerometer-Enabled Apps and Staffing Augmentation App.

Our Apps development for iPhone suite includes the following:

Custom Native iPhone Apps: 

We develop applications that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar.

Web-Safari iPhone Apps:

We develop a web-connected application that connects to a server over Wi-Fi or cellular networks for paramount affability. Submit user information to a central database or allow users to download information that relates to a definitive query.

Social Networking Apps:

There are a ton of great social network apps on deck for you. From Facebook to developing games and icons, we've got quite the list to keep you connected with your friends and to your iPhone.

GPS Enabled Apps:

We have a comprehensive GPS-based workforce management solution. Its features incorporate location tracking, mileage tracking, wireless time sheets, alerts, and detailed location reporting to capture field data.

Apps Programming Development for iPad: 

We have a highly skilled team of iPad Tablet apps developers, adroit in iterative development processes. They can help you become a part of the new form of personalized computing revolution.

Games Development for iPhone:

At A-1 Technology, Inc. we develop games which are intuitive and engaging while easy to play by employing complete features of iphone enhanced with rich graphics and audio experience.

iPhone Staffing Augmentation:

A-1 Technology Inc. is your source for quality iphone application development. We assign dedicated resources for Software Programming for iPhone to work for you on your project or be a part of your development team or set up your own virtual office.

Launch And Optimaization: 

Our technology over OpenGL allows full 3D characters and environments with a quality often better than a portable gaming device. We can develop software utilities with additional features to support web-based services

We achieve our objectives by providing superior iPhone application development solutions to our clients in a fair, honest and transparent way. So if you are interested in iPhone technology we are always there to provide our cost effective and top notch Software Programming services for iPhone.

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